Why I took my break

2020 has been a wild year. This is the first time in my lifetime where I’m experiencing a year that will go down in the history books. Due to the events of the year I took a break from my usual social media posting (Blog, Podcast & Instagram). This is basically just going to explain why, when & when I’ll be coming back.

Black Lives Matter kicked into a higher gear than ever before this year. The death of George Floyd was a breaking point that has pushed a global movement to the forefront of everyone’s minds and eyeballs. During the beginnings of the movement I decided to step back from posting. It felt wrong. It felt wrong to be making any form of entertainment in a time where other voices needed to be heard. It was not the time for entertainment or distraction. It was the time to lift up others voices and campaign for change. So instead I shared BAME friends posts, their voices, their stories, as well as petitions and other media. These voices are still important, they still need to be heard and change still needs to happen. I will try my best to support BAME artists, businesses and people on my social media channels going forward. Change starts with everyone and its time I worked towards that myself.

Covid-19 was another thing that took over the globe. With this came lockdown, Wales of which has just gone back into lockdown. Cabin fever set in as well as my creative ideas. It was hard to think of creative ideas to do within the four walls of my bedroom. Covid has definitely had a mental toll on me and I have fallen into bad habits due to it. I class myself as vulnerable due to long term side effects of having sepsis a few years ago so have been shielding since March now. Only seeing a select few family members as your only form of social interaction is tough for sure. Everyone acts slightly different around their family versus how they do with their friends and its difficult to only present one form of yourself at times. Plus the cabin fever of seeing the same people every day for months on end with no break is bound to take a toll. I love my family don’t get me wrong but I miss my friends for sure. I miss seeing my friends baby and missing her growing up, I miss sitting and drinking in a pub or even going on a maccies run and drive around for an hour. I miss shopping, the cinema, the basic day out. These days just going out to Tesco is a treat.

Mentally I have been struggling, however I feel I am back on the road to recovery. I am booked back in for therapy and I am on top of the bad habits I developed during lockdown. I feel ready to return to my social media channels if a little slowly at first. So you can expect to see me return very soon with enthusiasm!

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