The Mental Health Bucket List

I’m fairly open about my mental health struggles. The last few months I have been working heavily on myself and seen great results. My next step was to make myself monthly goals. Not exactly big enough things that it would count as a bucket list but big enough to get me out of my comfort zone and experiencing life again.

I sat down and thought of some of the things I’d like to do over the next year and before you know it I had filled up my whiteboard with monthly goals all the way up to May next year. Some big such as visiting a new city for a day/weekend (I’m planning London for all the fun experiences there) & others small such a baking a cake or carving a pumpkin.

Non event months will be subject to change if needs be

I figured these would be big enough things that I would be pushing myself, but not pushing myself so far I get uncomfortable and never try anything again and regret the whole thing.

I’m not forcing myself to do these goals alone, nor am I fretting if I do. It’s all about bettering myself and having a fun time along the way, entourage or not,

I’ll be sure to post each one here as I accomplish it! My end goal is to keep coming up with bigger and bigger ideas to fully get me to be more extroverted. This December, I just want to visit a Christmas Market and have some mead, next December I could be in a Christmas panto! Who’s knows!

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