The Mental Health Bucket List – November to April

So I realised the last time I updated the mental health bucket list was around October! When I meant to carve a pumpkin but procrastinated until it burst…oops. Following that I decided to actually make sure I follow through on my bucket list so I’m going to give you a break down on what I did below! November I don’t think I did anything so I will be skipping that month.

December – December all I wanted to do was to go to a Christmas Market. Which I succeeded in doing whilst visiting an old uni friend in Swansea. I’ll be honest the market wasn’t much to write home about, but I did it.

January – Jan was a very special month for me as I launched my podcast The Millennial In The Room! It was something I was toying around with for a few weeks but I thought I’d struggle getting guests and listeners. However after posting on social media I had a flood of support and people wanting to guest! So I took some time curating a name, artwork, jingle etc (thank god for royalty free resources) and thought up some episode ideas and how I’d like to approach each topic. Then January hit and I launched! It’s been nerve wracking but I can honestly say it’s something I really enjoy. It gives me the chance to have long discussions with friends I otherwise may not have had. I wasn’t expecting many people to tune in, yet I’m less than 10 episodes in and have reached over 200 downloads. Friends shout me out on social media (without me even asking, which is so supportive it makes me want to cry so thank you guys), I push myself each episode and it’s remarkably paying off! If you fancy tuning in I’m available on the following platforms: Spreaker, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Deezer, Pocket Casts, Podchaser, iHeartRadio

February – Feb was my 26th birthday! My birthdays have always sucked, I’ve been the type of person who everyone bails on for their birthday. I stated to my friend Jacob I’d love to do axe throwing for my birthday and he enthusiastically jumped at the idea. So I decided to give it a whirl! I set up a fb event and invited a bunch. Sadly a few had to drop out for varying reasons such as flooding on railway tracks and last minute work changes but me, Jacob and one of my oldest friends Karla headed to Cardiff for dinner and some axe throwing. I had such a nice day and so much fun. 10/10 would recommend.

March – March was the start of this corona virus scare so it was hard to plan anything. Whilst the UK didn’t officially go into lockdown till towards the end of March, many people, myself included had started to self isolate already. My main goal for March was to just try and not get sick.

April – With lockdown in full effect and the local Tesco feeling like that grocery store scene from the start of World War Z, the world started to feel quite manic. For the majority of April my goal was JSS – just survive somehow, which is a walking dead reference if you’re interested. I gave myself the goal of trying to not lose my head and to find some kind of joy every day. It worked so well I started being productive again, setting myself schedules, jobs to do and I even sent off some business emails. Feeling so on top of it I actually decided to start reading, which is a goal I had set for another month! I plan on finishing it in May/June. I started reading The Try Guys book and found it oddly inspiring. I think it’s what helped me get off my ass and actually be productive this month.

What have you guys been doing? Do you set yourself monthly goals? Why not try? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading.

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