The 2020 creative block

So I wanted to talk about how 2020 has affected people creatively. Thanks to covid, our standard way of living has drastically changed. Especially where I live in Wales in the UK.

The UK went into its first lockdown at the end of March. There was a sense of comradery at first and it pushed people to entertain themselves, their kids and find ways to be creative in new ways. At first we saw so much banana bread it’s like the entire UK was auditioning for Bake Off. Next we saw people drawing, painting and even singing and publishing this all online.

We’re now in October and Wales is in its second full lockdown. But we’re not seeing as many people being creative as we were before. Why is this? I believe it’s a time issue. At the beginning we were told lockdown would be 3 weeks, it had an end date. Then that morphed into 3 months. Now in October we’re in another lockdown with rumours of another lockdown in the new year. Along with this Covid doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There is no end date, people have burnt out creatively and lost their patience with many things that were once an escape. Creative distractions almost feel pointless because all they’re distracting us from is the new normal.

Having no end date in sight is a sure fire way to kill any creative imagination we have. Along with this we have the situation that we’re not having as much of a change of scenery. We’re stuck in the same 4 walls of our homes, with the same family members and the same Tesco for our essential shop. We’re not seeing friends or a wider bubble of life, which leaves us with a limited amount to pull creative ideas from. We can’t people watch in Starbucks anymore that would give us an idea for a short film. We can’t have a night out with friends that would inspire us to come up with a song with your hangover the next day. We can’t have a day down the beach that would inspire a painting. So it’s hard to find inspiration when you’re seeing the same 4 walls and faces day after day, for months.

However, some people are getting their second wind now! It’s now October, traditionally a creative month with Halloween and this is the perfect time to experiment with some spooky makeup ideas, pumpkin carving and costume making for at home photoshoots. So never fear! (Pun not intended) as you can still break down those walls and release your creative mind. Set yourself some fun creative goals this month and try push your creative mind once again. You may be surprised what you come up with

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