Self isolation – What to watch in a pandemic

The world is currently gripped by the pandemic that is Covid-19, or as its commonly known: the corona virus. Much of the worlds population is now on lockdown and people are self isolating in their homes.

But what can you do? What’s a good Netflix series to binge? What’s a good movie to watch? What’s an undiscovered gem you need to know about? Well this introverted hermit has all the best recommendations for you right here. If you’re not much of a tv or film buff, I’ll be putting out a gaming version and perhaps a book version of this post next!

Stranger Things – Now granted Season 4 has been delayed in its production amidst the virus, however there are still 3 great seasons to binge. I find the episodes are good to watch on a daily basis or even binge watch, in fact season 3 has several episodes happen over the same day/night so it almost encourages binging. It’s one of Netflix’s most streamed originals and it truly earns that. The 80’s nostalgia, (that even this 90’s kid can enjoy) the acting and the storylines are truly brilliant mixing in sci-fi with child actors yet still keeping it mature. If you’re a fan of sci-fi & supernatural media, this will be right up your alley. All 3 seasons are available on Netflix.

The Mandalorian – If you’ve somehow been living under a rock or been without he internet for several months, you’ll know all about The Mandalorian due to all the baby Yoda memes out there. Disney+ is about to hit the UK and brings Mando with it. Don’t immediately dismiss it if you’re not a Star Wars fan. I’ve never been able to get into the Star Wars franchise and I absolutely loved this series and understood it. It’s 9 episodes long so you can have one all day binge or space it out over a few days like I did. The acting is brilliant, the special effects on ‘the child’ (baby Yoda) are so flawless you’ll believe he’s real and the overall arcing themes are ones that transcend space. If you love your sci-fi, action and adventure, you’ll love this.

I’ve been loving my true crime documentaries lately, below are five on Netflix which I highly recommend. However they can be hard to watch due to their content which I will outline.

Don’t F**k With Cats – A three part Netflix documentary series which tracks down an animal abuser and killer. This went viral when it came out and for good reason. However it can be hard to watch as an animal lover as you will see a clip of dead animals and hear the audio from these videos.

Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez – A brilliant Netflix series that goes over the case of Aaron Hernandez, a pro American football player turned killer. The series also goes into his mind (as if the title wasn’t a big enough hint) and how American Football players brains can be affected by their injuries, possibly causing them to commit such heinous acts as Aaron did.

The Trials Of Gabriel Fernandez – This can be a hard watch. The series documents the trials following 8 year olds Gabriel Fernandez torture and murder at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. You will see photos of his injuries and hear from those close to the case of what Gabriel went through. It’s worth a watch but be warned it may be difficult listening to the horrific things this poor child went through.

Pandemic – Fitting. Pandemic is all about the actions being taken to stop the next inevitable pandemic which is going to hit. It came out early this year and now we’re in the middle of the next pandemic, you will not find a more fitting docu-series.

Blackfish – A documentary movie so good, it changed the animal entertainment industry forever and caused SeaWorld to lose hundreds of millions of dollars. The ‘blackfish effect’ has affected the sea life entertainment industry as a whole has been praised over its coverage concerning the treatment of killer whales in captivity and how captivity can cause such intelligent creatures to live up to their killer name.

Call me morbid but I’ve been drawn to post apocalypse movies right now. Most of these are fairly old but you can’t beat a good classic in my book.

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE – An apocalypse movie without the apocalypse. 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE features just three actors and one location for 99% of the movie. Yet it manages to create a gripping story with terrific characters. It’s a mystery thriller more than sci-fi and creates a refreshing story in this tied and tested genre.

I AM LEGEND – A virus outbreak leaves the world overrun with infected (maybe hits a bit too close to home right now). A stand out film for Will Smith as he’s the only actor for 99% of the movie, really giving him the chance to show off his acting chops and prove why he’s such a beloved actor. This is one if you’re after an emotional rollercoaster as Smith shows the effects long term isolation can do to the human psyche. I’m currently watching it whilst writing this post and I now remember why I loved it so much (although I do recommend the alternate ending which is much more satisfying and closer to the book).

A Quiet Place – Now is the perfect time to rewatch this movie as Part 2 has just hit cinemas! A stunning masterpiece on living in fear and silence as the Abbott family try to avoid the creatures that hunt on sound. The film manages to enlist that same fear in you as a viewer and will cause any home watching to fall silent.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Another virus film, this is the second film in the recent Planet Of The Apes reboot. All three movies are stellar but the second is my absolute favourite and a stand out in my opinion. The opening sequence sure sets the tone and the balance of ape/human storyline is perfect. It’s a movie that truly brings home what it means to be human.

This Is The End – A comedy apocalypse starring all your favourite actors and I mean that literally as the film boasts over 20 of the best well known actors. This is a film where I laugh every single time. Could it be because it’s how we’d all actually act within an apocalypse? Could it be all the low brow humour jokes about dicks? Could it be because it features the best music from the Backstreet Boys? We’ll never know.

Apocalypse movies hitting too close to home? No worries, check out the following to see if these are more up your street.

MCU – If you’re truly after a binge and want to ensure you have enough content to watch for your entire isolation, there’s no bigger movie franchise than the MCU. Whether you want to just watch a particular phase or all 23 movies, you can’t go wrong. Endgame remains as one of only two movies that have made me cry every time I’ve seen it (the other being Marley and me, which I’ve seen twice). If you somehow manage to powerhouse your way through all the movies, they also have multiple spin off series across varying platforms you’ll be able to watch.

Paul – If you’re in a comedy mood, look no further than Paul. The fantastic comedy is on Netflix (UK) and will make you giggle at least once. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as a powerhouse duo and have been for decades. So it was a complete surprise when Seth Rogen was brought in to voice Paul and managed to stand toe to toe with the duo. This films boasts great humour, impeccable acting and a fun side to life from other planets and how pop culture has been affected by it.

Hook – This 1991 classic is on Netflix (UK) to enjoy! Granted this was a childhood favourite of mine so I may be biased, but this novel take on Peter Pan starring the late Robin Williams is fantastic. Furthermore it manages to humanise one of the most well known villains in history, Captain James Hook. If you’re looking to join Williams on this ride of rediscovering your inner child, chuck on this family movie and reminisce on the good old days that was the 90’s.

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  1. As soon as Disney+ goes live I will be starting the MCU films (going in the order people suggest) since I’ve missed quite a few.
    I would also add a few more comfort films. Bridget Jones 2 is my ultimate go to when I don’t feel great.