New Year, New Project

If you have me on other social media you’ll know I’ll be launching a podcast in January. Well today I am announcing the name, platforms and artwork!

The podcast is going to be ‘The Millennial In The Room’. A play on ‘the elephant in the room’. If you’re not familiar with the English idiom, the phrase means there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about. Which is how I feel the media treats millennials. We’re a difficult generation they don’t like acknowledging, and instead like to accuse us of ‘killing’ modern culture and industries.

The podcast will be having different topics each time with different guests (although I will have a few regulars), where I will give my millennial view on the given topic and discuss for 45 mins – 1 hour starting in January. I’m looking at releasing 2 episodes a month, with blog posts in between each. I will also embed/post a link to this blog every time an episode goes live

You can follow The Millennial In The Room on facebook. The podcast itself will broadcast on




Google Podcasts



Podcast Addict

I hope you all enjoy and tune in when I go live in 2020!

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