Games to play in Quarantine

I’m not going to summarise what’s happening in the world right now, you all know. Below I’m going to list games I recommend playing whilst in quarantine spanning across Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch so enjoy!

Open world games Open world games are perfect right now as you can sink 40+ hours on average into them which is perfect for quarantine.

Spiderman – Platform PS4 Kicking it off I’m gonna start with Spiderman on the PS4. A game I recently finished and absolutely loved. It’s a game where I actively enjoyed the side missions so much by the time I got to the end of the game, I had very few left. Traversing the environment is also a tonne of fun as the swinging movement mechanics are perfect. The world building is done fantastically and it’s brimming with non stop references and characters that make it feel very real. I was not that knowledgable about all the villains and characters that pop up yet I was still able to understand and follow everything, which speaks volumes in how accessible insomniac games managed to make the game.

Batman Arkham City – Platform Xbox Carrying on with superhero games we have Batman. The Arkham series is truly beloved with City being the golden child of the franchise. It won multiple game of the year awards and is highly recommended if you’re a fan of the batman universe. Similar to Spiderman, traversing the environment is unique to the game and highly enjoyable. There’s also DLC available for this game where you get to play as Catwoman and the series spans 3 mainline games and 1 prequel so you’ve got plenty of material to sink your teeth into.

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the wild – Platform Nintendo Switch Now admittedly this is one I haven’t played myself, however it’s only because I’ve *just* got a switch. I have been informed that this is an extremely accessible game, so if like myself you haven’t really played any of the other Zelda games before, you can still follow the story and understand the world you’re in. I always think this is extremely impressive when a game franchise spanning decades can be picked up and enjoyed and understood by anyone. The art style for the game is gorgeous and is sure to entice anyone who loves good game style.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Platform PlayStation Back to PlayStation I’m going to recommend Horizon Zero Dawn. A beautiful and expansive open world game where you play as Aloy in a world where mechanical animals and machines roam. It’s a perfect mix of technology and non traditional gun weapons, instead forcing you to use bow and arrows, traps and slingshots. The world is so beautiful and full of different types of environments I found myself exploring a lot and just enjoying the world I was in.

Non campaign games With us having endless hours at our disposal right now I can’t recommend non campaign games enough. I.e. games without an end objective. These can be multiplayer games or single player games, below I’m going to list 3 different but unique in their own right games to give you some inspiration.

Overwatch – Platform PlayStation, Nintendo Switch & Xbox Overwatch is the only multiplayer I play. I’ve been playing for about 3 and a half years now and absolutely love it. You play in teams of 6 against 6 enemy players to complete short term objectives such as king of the hill and payload maps. The game has extensive background lore for those wishing to delve deeper into the story of the world, but can be enjoyed without this. At time of writing there are 32 characters to choose from and learn and 3 different classes (Tank, damage, healer). Personally I favour Tank, opting for Dva, Orisa and Zayra but you’re guaranteed to find a character that fits your play style as every character is unique and plays different.

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Platform Nintendo Switch If you listen to my podcast ‘The Millennial In The Room’ you’ll already know I’ve listed this game as the game of quarantine. So many people have bought a switch purely for this game (myself included) since Quarantine started that it’s extremely difficult to now get your hands on a switch (non including the already shortages due to the virus). It’s laid back with no final objective but enough daily tasks to do and improvements to make to your island that you always feel like you have a goal. You can play with friends or solo, personally I’ve enjoyed meeting up with groups of friends on the game for meteor showers and having catch ups. Typing in game is not ideal even with using the smart phone app but thankfully if you have the Nintendo app on your phone, you can voice chat. Which is a nice feature but a little frustrating that you have to use a secondary device to properly communicate.

Minecraft – Platform Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Switch Minecraft has always been a game I’ve brushed off and laughed at. Thinking it was just for kids, after all the art style is so simplistic and you’re crafting the most basic of tools, how could it not be? However my little Xbox group of friends suggested we start this at the start of quarantine to give us a variety of games to play and I fell in love even buying texture packets for it. With no end goal but still plenty of things to do, you can take the game as advanced as you’d like. Myself I enjoy the simpler aspects of just creating houses and structures, whereas other friends like to jump into the Nether and give themselves bigger challenges. The game is hugely accessible which is why it’s still so popular years on. Honestly I brushed this game off for so many years but if you give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

And there you have it! There’s some of my recommended games to play in Quarantine. Have I missed one of your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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