An update to the blog

So I recently held a poll on my instagram, asking do people prefer blogs or prefer everything on one platform eg Instagram. The majority selected Instagram and whilst I’m happy to make more blog-type posts on there, I don’t want to completely abandon my blog. Especially as I did work with Zenstra because of my blog. I have this platform and I want to continue using it. (Plus I also just renewed my domain in October and that wasn’t cheap and I don’t want to waste that).

So what’s a happy medium?

Normally I would do a blog post and then do an instagram post pushing traffic to the blog. I think I’m going to continue blogging but do a shorter snappier version of the blog post on my instagram. This way I get to keep using both platforms but I’m not copy/pasting. I also prefer Instagram posts that aren’t overly long and I don’t feel I’m alone in that so I feel I will be utilising both platforms correctly.

Whilst from your perspective, it may appear nothing or little is changing, but for me it is. This changes my headspace and planning and helps me feel I’m utilising all the tools in my tool belt properly.

My new schedule is also one blog post a week! I’m aiming for Thursdays but I’m not going to be super strict about that. It mat go up on a Friday or a Wednesday, the aim is just for one a week. Same for podcasting but I’m trying to keep that to strictly Tuesdays.

Did this need to be made into a blog post? Probably not but I feel a lot clearer headed writing this down and putting it out there into the world. Thank you for letting me figure this stuff out. Hopefully this gives you a better look into the mind of a content creator! A title I’m still unsure on using, to hear my reasons on this you can tune into next weeks Podcast with @jackrunstheworld on Influencer Culture.

I didn’t even plan that segue. Was it smooth? Heck yeah, some marketing agency should hire me.

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