Hi there!

My names Jessica Maggie and I’m a South Wales blogger.

Hey there! I’m Jessica and a fairly fresh blogger starting in October 2019. I have always wanted to be a blogger, as a Welsh gal I have the welsh dragons fire and blood in my veins giving the drive to do whatever I want. So this is the start of my journey!

I’m an avid gamer, absolute foodie, animal lover and an enthusiastic goer at everything. Below I’ll give a breakdown on the categories I blog about!

Food: I’m currently not vegan due to health concerns, but I am trying to reduce my animal footprint. This means I’ll be posting vegan food reviews from time to time, reviewing cruelty free and vegan makeup and more. I figured a meat eaters view on the vegan world might be a fun little niche! I can compare how a vegan option compares to a meat option in a way that vegans and veggies can’t. I also wanted to provide experiences on the whole ‘vegan vs meat eater’ stereotype. Take this quote from a food post of mine: “You tend to get this nasty stereotype that vegans will shun you the second you mention you’re a meat eater which is so horrifically false it hurts the overall image of veganism in general. This is one of the reasons I wanted to make this meat eaters view of the vegan world blog.

Fashion: (Fashion has been moved to my instagram) Being a larger gal can make it tricky when it comes to fashion but I’m always up for a challenge and I never shy away from anything. Crop tops and sheer clothing come at me. Whilst not being particularly skilled at makeup I do enjoy experimenting so enjoy the occasional makeup look too!

Media: Whilst I am a film graduate, I’d take my film and tv reviews with a grain of salt as this hardly qualifies me to be a film critic and I am one of those people that genuinely enjoys bad movies unironically. I am however an avid gamer! So I’m hoping my gaming reviews hold a bit more merit.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle posts will appear when I want to talk about anything else! Be it my mental health bucket list or the occasional travel post. This is where you’ll get an even closer look at my life and (hopefully) enjoy what you see.

I also have a Podcast! I will not be putting every single episode up on my website so if you want to listen, subscribe on whatever podcast platform you use.

To keep up to date with me on a more day to day basis (and find out what colour my hair currently is), please follow me on Instagram or Twitter